abstract const class std::UriScheme


UriSchemes are registered to handle a specific Uri scheme such as "file" or "http". Scheme handlers are registered using the pod index key "sys.uriScheme.{scheme}={qname}" where "scheme" is lowercase scheme name and "qname" is the qualified type name of the subclass. See docLang for the details of scheme handling works.


static UriScheme? find(Str scheme, Bool checked := true)

Lookup a UriScheme for the specified scheme name. Scheme name must be lower case - note that Uri.scheme is always normalized to lower case. If the scheme is not mapped and checked is true then throw UnresolvedErr otherwise return null.


abstract Obj? get(Uri uri, Obj? base)

Resolve the uri to a Fantom object. If uri cannot be resolved by this scheme then throw UnresolvedErr.


virtual override Str toStr()

Default implementation returns type qname.